Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc. (Milton, Delaware)

Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc. (Milton, Delaware)

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Milton, DE
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New and good condition items only
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Volunteers who foster kittens & cats will receive food, liter pans etc. People in the community who have large colonies that they care for will receive food and spay/neuter assistance and medical.
Cat food, cat liter, cat toys. Beanie babies to snuggle with. Yarn to make things for fund raising. Gift cards to buy items.
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Detailed Needs
About Us: 
We are an all volunteer group who help to control the feral cat population by trap/neuter/return and also fostering kittens and cats and medical care when needed. We also help with people in the community who care for and feed colonies by giving them food, medicine and spay/neuter assistance. There is a lot of sick cats and kittens in the area. By our group trapping them and giving rabies shots, this helps to control the population and also disease. Also stops the suffering of kittens that are born in the wild and sick and hungry. Please visit out website at www.feralfriendsofmillsboro.rescuegroups.org for more information and for an update on what we are doing.
Our Mission: 
Please help to support our cause. We can only continue our work with your support.

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Jonela Zarija
Donate cat food, litter & toys. 

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